When you need auto repair

Eventually, every car owner experiences the dread and frustration of having a dashboard light illuminate, indicating that something is wrong, and they have absolutely no idea as to what may be causing the problem. Especially disturbing is when the “check engine light” comes on, and until that point, the car seemed to be running perfectly. The anxiety is not so much about the problem as it is about being taken advantage of, by a dishonest auto repair shop. There are so many different things that can go wrong with a car engine or the numerous car systems that support it.It is highly recommended that you take your car to a repair shop that has computer diagnostics and ASE certified technicians.


Computer diagnostics and its benefits


There are certainly a number of benefits to using computer diagnostics to test your car. Virtually all cars made within the past 15 -20 years has an on-board computer that can analyze and relay a code that lets the service technician know the nature of a problem. This is a benefit to the car owner because it eliminates the potential for “phantom repairs.” A number of components and systems of the car can be tested with a machine to get to the bottom of the problem. At this point, your technician or service manager can figure out what the best repair would be, and relay the information to the customer.

Computer diagnostic testing eliminates the extra charges for the time a mechanic used to spend poking around the car, using trial and error to discover the problem. Pick the right local shop in Charlotte, and you can have your car diagnosed and repairs under way in just a matter of minutes. Remember, your time is valuable, and a mechanics time is expensive. Computer diagnostics make your auto repair center a trusted partner in helping keep your vehicle in top shape. The end result is that you can enjoy years of safe and pleasurable driving, as you properly maintain your car.


Car repair center in Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for regular maintenance or repairs for your vehicle(s), Steele Creek Tire and Service Center has all the options. They have a proud tradition of providing excellent service to their customers

Providing quality car care since 2003; they are a family owned business that delivers honest, reliable, and professional auto maintenance and repair to the residents of Charlotte and surrounding areas. Their service technicians are ASE certified, and are equipped to handle all types of repairs on both commercial and private vehicles. As a certified Napa Auto Care Center, we are proud to offer the benefits of an established national entity. Your car or truck is a major investment, and Steele Creek Tire and Service Center will keep you on the road. Anyone can treat you like a customer… We treat you like family.


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